10 Things Not to do When House Hunting in Las Vegas

The 10 Things Not to do When House Hunting in Las Vegas

After more than 10 years in the Las Vegas real estate market, I’ve compiled my list of the 10 things not to do when house hunting in Las Vegas to help you with your real estate search.

1) Do Not Call “For Sale” Signs

You don’t want to call the number yourself because you are likely going to be speaking with the listing agent, who represents the seller.  However, if you happen to love the house from the outside, then give the address to your Realtor so that they can give you all the information you need.  Keep in mind that if your Realtor has not sent the house to you, then it does not meet your criteria.  With that being said, your agent knows that sometimes a buyer drives a house and falls in love, and is willing to change their original criteria.

2) Do Not View New Construction without Your Realtor

You never want to view homes without your Realtor.  Most builders here have models open for viewing along with an agent that work for the builder.  Your Realtor will know what the different builders have to offer, what incentives they have, and can negotiate for you.  Remember, the agent at the new home works for the builder, your agent works for you!

You never want to view homes without your Realtor when house hunting in Las Vegas

You never want to view homes without your Realtor when house hunting in Las Vegas.


3) No House Hunting Online after Your Realtor Initiates Search

If you are working with a Realtor and they have setup a search for you based on your criteria, then what they are sending you is all there is.  Please understand that the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) is the most inclusive database of homes currently on the market.  What is available to the public is not as accurate or up to date.  Quite often buyers will ask a Realtor to look up a house they found on Zillow, Realtor.com, etc., because it didn’t show up in any of the houses the Realtor sent.  

The reason being, it doesn’t meet your criteria, or it is already in contract or sold.  There are other parameters in the MLS that are not available to the public.  The MLS allows Realtors to input what type of financing you have, whether you are interested in short sales or not, whether it is available for showing, or if there are SIDS/LIDS attached to the property or not, just to name a few.  This eliminates you wasting your time looking for house online that might not even be an option for you.

4)Do Not Wear Lace Up Shoes or Boots

When viewing homes, we have to be courteous of their home, and how they choose to live in it.  This may mean removing your shoes before entering the home.  It is very common, so it is always best to wear shoes that can slip on and off so you aren’t hassled with tying shoes, or removing boots… trust me, it can be a pain!!!

Do not bring a triple Venti Caramel Frappuccino when house hunting... you may need a bathroom

Do not bring a triple Venti Caramel Frappuccino when house hunting… you may need a bathroom.


5) Do Not Bring a Triple Venti Caramel Frappuccino

This can make home viewing very uncomfortable.  You don’t want to want to find yourself needing to use a bathroom you are viewing, especially if the seller still lives there.  Vacant homes are usually a better option, however sometimes the home could be winterized… no running water, or there may not be toilet paper.  Some Realtors come prepared with toilet paper in their car, but you don’t want to count on it.

6) Do Not Show how much You Love the House

You don’t want to show or say how much you love a home.  This will tell the sellers that you are in love that you will pay anything to be able to call it home, even if that is not the case.  When sellers think that you are in love with a home, they tend to negotiate less, whether on price, or repairs.

7) Do Not Trash Talk the Home while Viewing

Never talk about what you do not like about a home, or the furniture and décor you do not like.  Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can say what you want because the sellers are not home either, you never know if the sellers are listening or if they have installed cameras in the home.   Wait until you have left the home, and are in the car driving away before you divulge everything you didn’t like.

When you are house hunting, you should look over every nook and cranny!

When you are house hunting, you should look over every nook and cranny!


8) Do Not Hesitate to open Doors and Drawers

When you are interested in a home, you should look over every nook and cranny! Buyers often feel like they are being rude if they look in a closet, or open cabinets and drawers.   If you are not interested in the home, and are just being nosy, then yes, it is rude.  However, if you are truly interested in writing an offer, you are not being nosy. You need to do your due diligence and really look through the home.

9) Do Not See more than 5 Houses in One Day

Seeing too many houses in one day can become overwhelming, and confusing.  Even by the 5th house it can be hard to separate which had the big closet upstairs, or which had the bigger pantry, or which had ceiling fans in all the rooms.  Therefore, just pick your top 3 to 5 favorite homes.

10) Do Not Think You will Offend the Realtor

If you don’t like a home, tell your Realtor!!!  It isn’t their home, so they will not be offended.  You always want to tell your Realtor what you do and don’t like in a home. It helps them understand you and your needs, so they can better serve you.